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School Visits & Tours

Updated: May 19, 2019

We bring a taste of the HAPPY experience to your school through our custom visits and tours. From nutrition & food education to self-care and empowerment.

During our visits to elementary schools we translate complex nutrition, self-care, and empowerment concepts through simple, easy to understand, fun, engaging and interactive activities, and through making delicious and nutritious alternatives to unhealthy foods and beverages.

We empower students to become conscious eaters, fostering their enjoyment of healthy foods & drinks, as well as instilling mindfulness and self-awareness.

Sugar Shockers: Students guess the amount of sugar in popular drinks, investigate food label ingredients, and prepare a healthy alternative. This hands-on nutrition activity is an engaging and fun way to help students understand why what they drink is important to their overall health and wellness. Through the presentation we raise awareness about the amount of added sugar in common drinks and food products, and empower kids to make better food and drink choices.