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HAPPY is a youth-founded and led 501(c)(3) organization that promotes youth empowerment through holistic education. We commit to planting seeds for the next generation to blossom into happy, healthy, informed, and activated individuals in their homes, schools, communities, and the world -- at any age. 

 We provide interactive & fun peer to peer learning experiences for youth, grades 3rd-6th, in diverse communities all across the US and Globally. (8-12yrs) Our initiatives include plant-based nutrition/culinary summer camps, school visits & tours, and our (coming soon) virtual HAPPY Academy. 


All of these initiatives are based on instilling our "3 Keys to HAPPY" philosophy: Nurturing

physical health (food/fitness), mental health (self-care/mindset), and soul development (character & purpose + compassion & relationships).

Our mission is to redefine youth education and empowerment through wellness — helping to unlock, activate, and fuel

the inherent superpowers of the next generation. 


The Challenge

Global dis-ease — resulting in millions of young people suffering from preventable health ailments. All stemming from unhealthy lifestyles, lack of mental health care, negative societal influences, muddled self identity, and habits + mindsets

that prohibit wellness.

Our Solution

Unlocking and activating the inherent superpowers of young people through interactive & fun peer-to -peer learning experiences deeply-rooted in holistic wellness and empowerment. Creating safe spaces to dive deep into our 3 Keys to HAPPY.

Do good. Feel good.